Business Simplified.

Business Simplified.

Business Banking Services

We are your one-stop resource for what you need to run your business right. We know that your time is vitally important, so we offer various services to help make banking easy and efficient for your business.

Secure and Convenient Financial Solution

Business eBanking Convenient online account management in a secure environment.

  • Access all of your accounts anytime, anywhere in one place
  • Transfer funds between both business and personal accounts
  • Pay and view bills online through eBill Pay The first 10 eBill payments per month are free.
  • Create stop payment requests in real-time
  • View latest transactions, eStatements, and check images
  • Download transactions into your preferred accounting software
  • Customize access for multiple users

Simplify Your Payments Processing

Direct Deposit Instantly initiate debits and credits from business accounts to various consumer and commercial payment types.

  • Reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Accurate accounting and predictable cash flow
  • Eliminate preparation and storage costs
  • Process credits and debits with ease
  • Custom recurring transaction templates
  • Direct connection to your preferred accounting software

Win the Fight Against Check Fraud

Positive Pay Create online data files and track each issued check to prevent check fraud.

Minimal Risk and Increased Efficiency

Business Online Wire Transfer Minimal risk transfer of funds between accounts electronically, increasing efficiency with same-day availability.

  • Set up alerts for easy notification
  • Initiate wire transfers right from your computer
  • Dual approval provides additional security
  • Custom recurring wire transfer templates
  • Initiate both domestic and international wires

Streamline Operations and Increase Cash Flow

eDeposit An innovative service to deposit checks at the office through a secure connection scanning system that deposits directly into the business account.

  • Encrypted and secure data Send images of checks through a scanning machine securely into your business' bank account.
  • Protection from fraud and theft Keep paper checks at the place of business and eliminate the risk of unnecessary employee exposure.
  • Same-day credit Multiple deposits can be made daily and accepted as same-day credit as late as 6 pm.
  • Save time and money Eliminate unnecessary trips to the bank and savings in hard dollar costs associated with maintaining bank accounts at multiple financial institutions.
  • Improved record keeping Immediately view check images and access records from the past 90 days.

Accept Payments Securely

Credit Card Processing Offers secure transaction authorization, processing, and network services to businesses accepting credit and debit cards as payments. 

  • Payment Card Industry security
  • Faster funding available
  • Fits any business size
  • Free consultation and analysis
  • Setup tailored to customer needs
  • No early termination fees

Virtual Card Payments

ePayables for Visa Purchasing Card Pay suppliers with virtual credit cards.

  • Reduce the risk of check fraud
  • Eliminate checks and the cost of check processing
  • Cashback on payment volume
  • Free up working capital with billing cycle options
  • Batch payments can be made in one file upload
  • Suppliers receive immediate payments of guaranteed funds

Simplify your Business Functions with Lockbox Solutions

Take advantage of faster payment processing and maximize cash flow. The solution our Lockbox service offers for Healthcare, Wholesale and Retail businesses is unmatched.

Healthcare Revenue Management

  • Connection to HIPPA- and HITECH-complaint online archive This comprehensive, web-based service provides the conversion of paper EOBs to 835s, ERA consolidation, and payment matching.
  • Processing and image capturing of payments and correspondence
  • Same-day deposit with notification
  • Recognition and extraction of detailed patient information from the EOB
  • Reconciliation of the remittances to claims and payments
  • Denial management tools
  • Administrator interface that protects private health information

Wholesale and Retail

  • Improved cash flow
  • Payments viewed online
  • Daily email deposit notification allowing for daily reconciliation
  • Payments directed to a CNB-managed post office box
  • Reduction in efforts to post payments back to the billing system
  • Eliminate manual posting payments
  • Image archive available for research and review

Payment Options that Work for Your Business

Our business debit and credit cards serve as excellent expense management tools. Manage your business payables more efficiently while eliminating check fraud. Discover the possibilities.

Maximize Your Cash Position with Business Sweeps

Perfect for Large and Growing Companies

Cash Concentration Accounts Automatically consolidate deposits daily from separate accounts into a master account.

  • Increase funds availability
  • Improve cash flow
  • Control idle funds at outlying banks
  • Cost-effective way to consolidate deposits
  • Monitor the timeliness and regularity of depositing locations more closely
  • Reduce staff time allocated to consolidate cash

Put Unproductive or Excess Cash Balances to Work

Target Balance Accounts Unproductive or excess cash balances are reconciled with a central account to a specified balance at the end of the day.

  • Maximize funds available for investment
  • Reduce administrative costs by transferring cash automatically
  • Remove excess cash in disbursing accounts
  • Provides a clear audit trail
  • Eliminate the risk of costly overdrafts

Automatic with Maximum Potential

Excess Cash Sweeps Systematically determines the total balance in a deposit account to reduce debt and/or invest.

  • Improves earnings by using idle funds
  • Reduced interest expense
  • Maximize earning potential through investments
  • Simplify cash management
  • Eliminate Manual Intervention

Maintain Operating Limits and Target Balance

Investment Sweep Accounts Keeping the target operations bottom-line balanced by investing excess funds into another account.


Sweep funds over the established target balance from the operating account to the investment sweep account. Interest is accrued daily and paid to the business on the last business day of the month, and daily email confirmations are sent to the business. Minimum deposit amounts are required.